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As experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for those in the industrial sectors we understand the importance of your brand and products/ services being visible in a digital world. 80% of our core business is made up of manufacturing and engineering companies so we understand the processes and strategies you need to promote your business to targeted buyers regardless of where they are in your sales funnel.

SEO like any good manufacturing plant is built by having solid processes.


Stage 1 - Keyword Research

This involves highlighting the keyword phrases that customers/clients search for when looking for the products or services you provide. This may also include a geographical area you cover for instance “signage London”. We highlight the keyword phrases via your own ideas, our specialised software and competition

Stage 2 - Onpage Optimisation

Once we have agreed the keyword phrases with you, we then place these in strategic places in the body text to make Google aware of what it is you wish to be found for. The onpage optimisation is like the foundations of a house. This needs to be solid to gain authority of search engines. We look at issues surrounding the site which may hamper a successful campaign such as page speed, mobile friendliness and problems Google may have in indexing the site. Click for more details on our onpage optimisation services.

Stage 3 - Link Research & Building

Link Building is a vital part of getting Google’s attention and gaining authority as to why your site should warrant that all important first page spot. It is also the main part that if you get wrong can see the site penalised heavily causing a lack of rankings and more importantly traffic and conversion. We have been involved in the SEO industry for over 8 years and understand what is acceptable in Google’s eyes in terms of natural and organic looking links. For more information on link building see our off page section of our website.

We will help you build your brand authority and remove any bottlenecks that may be causing your website to have poor visibility in the search engines.

We will:-

Identify the keyword phrases your customers are searching for

Analyse your website structure and highlight any issues that may be causing your website to suffer from poor visibility

Perform a content audit to make sure that the text on your site resonates with your buyer are various stages of the sales funnel

Perform competitor analysis and place your site in key areas that will not only build the authority of the site and help your achieve visibility in the search engines but also where targeted buyers will be

Report, analyse and tweak where necessary

Our manufacturing and engineering SEO is built with the primary goal being conversion, whether that’s a download of a sales brochure, filling in a form or making a purchase.

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