Welcome to our new website!!! How many times have you read something similar? Often this is the first post somebody uses when a new site goes live. The issue is, no one cares. You may care. Your staff, your web designer and even your SEO company may be chomping at the bit for your new, shiny, all bells and whistles site, but your clients don’t. Well, they care if it makes their lives easier but they certainly won’t be reading your first post welcoming them.

Tell Stories And Build Trust

Even as someone who should know better, I nearly fell into the same trap. What do I write my first post about? Luckily, inspiration hit with one of my friends and business colleagues CK Golding who was giving a talk on emotive stories. The truth is people resonate with a story. If visitors bond with you and like you, they begin to trust and eventually they buy from you.

So my welcome to my website is a story of how long it took me to get here! No longer will I get impatient on how difficult it is to work on anything that isn’t “core business” or “client-related”. I appreciate my client’s angst when it comes to prioritising content or signing off on a new offpage strategy to help their SEO.

It’s Easier To Work On Other People’s Businesses

You see this new site has been a year in the making when our sales manager Ged said “Neil, we need a new site” and we sat and mind mapped late on a Friday afternoon on all the features the new site should have. “live chat”, “website visitor tracking” and of course it should be “mobile friendly”. Monday morning came round and the website was brushed to the side, whilst we concentrated on bringingĀ in the clients. Three months later Ged (who bless him has been really patient throughout this) said “how we getting on with the new site?” and I had to fess up that I hadn’t worked on it since we spoke three months ago. Then the inevitable happened. Our non-mobile friendly site, which had been on the first page for “SEO Sheffield” for over 11 years was gone. Hit for not being mobile friendly. Yet, it has still taken the team 6 months to get the website live.

Customer Service In The Digital World

This is why our clients enjoy working with us because we are very like-minded with our clients. We understand the pains and pressures it takes to prioritise anything that isn’t a client or business critical. We use a project management tool called Basecamp, to manage all internal and external communication on every project we work on. This allows our clients to be as hands-on as they want to be, when and wherever they like. They get monthly reports, they see the tasks we are carrying out and they know we are only a call away.

The issues clients have in the digital world is no one seems to set goals or explain the process to them. In fact, I have heard horror stories of clients being locked into twelve-month contracts and not even having a clue what they were receiving each month. I am no longer shocked to hear “well we have been paying them x amount of pounds each month, but I don’t know what they are up to?”. Maybe it’s just me, but if you are dealing with a service on a monthly basis, surely, you have to show its value for money and all parties should know what it is they are trying to achieve?

A New Website, A New Look At Your Business

So this brings me back to my initial point. A new website can give you a chance to reflect on your own business practices. Are you serving your clients well? could you also launch a new way of communicating with them at the same time as the website launch? Maybe new branding across all of your offline and online stationery? maybe new accounting practices to streamline your cashflow?

Oh and timescales and deadlines…the next time I decide on a new sales and marketing project, accountability and clearly defined goals are going to be a must! Because that thing you keep putting off, you know that important priority thing. Eventually, when you do bite the bullet, you will be wishing you had done it months ago.